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Water Ionizer-HY-377

Kitchen Appliances
Water Ionizer-HY-377


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Alkaline Water Ionizer

Offer Post Time: 2011-08-29

Serial Code:

Model: HY-377


Carriage: FOB China


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Detailed Product Description

AQUA-WIN is the first and the best manufacturer for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems in international and Taiwan Market.

Standard model (Home model)
Model HY-377
Voltage AC110V 50/60HZ (220V optional)
Power consumption MAX230W (standby 5W)
Water pressure 0.7 ~ 5.0 kg/cm2
Display PH, O.R.P, flow volume and cleaning display
Electrolyte slot material weld type titanium electrolyte slot with ceramic foils
(3 foils and 4 slots)
Cleansing type of electrolyte slot automatic ten seconds cleansing after each alkaline supply
Electrolyte power exchange four section of alkaline water, one section of pure water and two section of acid water
Fine adjustment of PH twenty adjustment
PH correction adjustable according to water properties of different areas
Filter materials NSF active carbon filter
Filter life change after each 3000L ~ 12000L according to water properties in different areas (3 ~ 12 months roughly)
Safety protection fittings current protection and wrong drinking protection
Net size Weight H 310mm x W 220mm x D 125mm 4.0kg
PH Values 5 ~ 10 (estimated values)
O.R.P Values -650mv (MAX) (estimated values)